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Smoking Policy

St. Paul’s maintains a smoke free environment for both its residents and staff.

  • St. Paul’s has prohibited smoking within all its facilities since May 1997. Smoking is also prohibited immediately outside facility entrances utilized by the public. Ashtrays are available at these entrances to facilitate extinguishing of smoking materials prior to entering the facility. For residents who moved to St. Paul’s nursing care prior to December 1, 2001, every effort will be made to accommodate them at the designated outdoor area located off the Springs neighborhood.
  • Smoking shall be prohibited anywhere in any non-designated area outside, directly adjacent to the facility (i.e.: foyer, loading docks, stock rooms, entrances, doorways, sidewalks, restrooms, or offices).
  • Residents who wish to smoke may do so at a designated outdoor areas only if they can do so independently or with family support. Facility staff shall not be expected to provide assistance with transporting to/from the designated areas or with providing supervision.
  • Prospective residents and their families shall be informed of St. Paul’s policy regarding smoking, in advance of admission. All new employees are informed of this policy during general orientation.
  • Resources and support are available for staff or residents who are motivated to quit smoking. Staff can obtain this information from the Human Resource department. Residents may seek information through the Social Services office.