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Mission, Vision, and Values


Human Spirit 21

The mission of St. Paul’s formed and sustained by the Judeo-Christian faith, and historically related to the United Church of Christ, is to provide meaning, richness of life, health care, and other support services, while maintaining and enhancing the dignity of human life.


To create a sense of belonging and purpose by providing a nurturing environment in a place you call home.

Core Values


A condition of being protected from danger or loss and being safe is extremely important to us at St. Paul's. When it comes to security, we aim to always stand by the following actions:

  • Know and do your job
  • Respect the privacy of others
  • Maintain confidentiality
  • Know the needs of others
  • Adequately prepare
  • Introduce yourself and know others by name
  • Communicate pertinent information


Rather than attempting to fit residents within preexisting services, we strive to be a place where the resident is at the center of decision making. We focus on each person's gifts, skills and capabilities and enable these to be expressed.

Human Spirit 24

When it comes to being person-centered, we aim to always stand by the following actions:

  • Respect others
  • Get to know each other better
  • Promote individuality
  • Be flexible and encourage teamwork
  • Listen and offer choices


St. Paul's values showing special kindness to those who suffer by recognizing their suffering and wanting to help. When it comes to compassion at St. Paul's, we aim to always stand by the following actions:

  • Encourage others and be positive
  • Consider the feelings and preferences of others
  • Provide meaningful activities and opportunities
  • Be sincere and honest
  • Promote selflessness
  • Empathize with others
  • Follow-through