Why give to St. Paul’s?

Giving to St. Paul's

As a nonprofit, we rely on friends like you to help ensure all residents who call St. Paul’s home are able to live a meaningful life. For over 150 years, St. Paul’s has been a trustworthy steward of donor dollars to have a positive impact on resident life and build a strong future so St. Paul’s will always be here for those in need.

Your gift has the power to enhance our residents’ quality of life and provide peace of mind for those who cannot afford the full cost of their care or accommodations. You can also designate where your donation will go, choosing a project or initiative that you would like to support. 

Whether you are grateful for the care St. Paul’s provided for you or a loved one or just have it in your heart to give to help those in need, we value and appreciate your support. To learn more about giving to St. Paul's, visit the links below and check out our 2018 Annual Report of Giving