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Admission Guidelines and Application

When you submit an application for consideration for The Colony residency, your application will be reviewed by administration. Once your application is approved, it will be accepted as of the date it was submitted. You will receive notice of your approval at which time we can address any questions that you may have.

Once approved, you will be placed on the The Colony Priority Waiting List. The goal of the Priority Waiting List is to allow those on the list to move to The Colony according to their needs and time schedules.

Any application on file for more than one year must be updated and reviewed by the admissions committee prior to approval for move-in.

Once you decide to reserve an accomodation the following process takes place:

  1. A $1,000 deposit will hold an accomodation for 30 days. Within that 30 days we will schedule an appointment to sign the Residency Agreement.
  2. Make your 10% Payment and sign a Residency Agreement that identifies the location of the accommodation, the Market Value, Entrance Fee, the Monthly Maintenance Fee, and any applicable refunds. Seven days from the signing renovations for the specified accommodation begin.
  3. Once renovations are complete you have 90 days to move in. If for any reason you are unable to move in within 90 days you will begin paying the Monthly Maintenance Fee and utilities on the 1st day following the 90 day period.
  4. Remaining Entrance Fees are due upon your move into your home. (You can continue to pay the monthly maintenance fee and utilities for 9 months without moving in: for example in the case where you are selling your house. After 9 months if you have not moved in due to inability to sell your house you must pay the outstanding entrance fees or release the accommodation for remarketing.)
  5. A settlement will be completed within 60 days of your move to St. Paul’s and will identify any outstanding renovation/construction fees or credits that are due.

Note: if you choose to fill out our new online application by clicking on the blue button above, you will be able to securely upload financial documents.