1867 Society

1867 Society Logo

The 1867 Society was created in 2020 to recognize individuals who have made a significant impact on our mission through their lifetime giving of $10,000 or more. Since our founding in 1867, it has been generous donors like these who have made it possible for St. Paul's to grow and transform, while maintaining our charitable mission to help those in need in our communities.

The 1867 Society is made up of a diverse group of residents, resident family members, board members, staff and community members who selflessly give to ensure residents have a meaningful and enriching life at St. Paul's.

How to Become a Member

Once your cumulative giving to St. Paul's reaches a total of $10,000, you will be invited to join the 1867 Society.

If you'd like to know your current cumulative giving total or would like more information about the 1867 Society, please contact Dawn Hartman, Director of Planned and Major Giving, at 724-589-4611 or dhartman@sp1867.org.

Benefits of Membership

  • Recognition in St. Paul's publications and on the website
  • A framed Certificate of Membership
  • Logoed membership apparel
  • Invitation to an annual members-only spring reception for an exclusive update on what's happening at St. Paul's and what's on the horizon
  • Invitation to other special events

The Inaugural Members of the 1867 Society:

Mr. David & Mrs. Christine Abell Mr. David & Mrs. Karen Jones Mr. JP & Mrs. Kathleen Walton
Mr. Doug & Mrs. Lori Anderson Mr. Dick & Mrs. Patti Jones Mrs. Diane O'Brien Webster
Mr. Lyle & Susan Anderson Mr. Bill & Mrs. Connie Kirker Mr. Thomas & Mrs. Shirley White
Dr. Mary Ellen Bayuk Mr. W. Edwin & Mrs. Mary Langbein Mr. Chris & Mrs. Hilary Wright
Mr. Paul & Mrs. Mary Blattner Mr. Paul Mayne
Mrs. Pat Brugler Mrs. Geraldine McElree
Mr. William & Mrs. Judy Celik Mr. Harry W. & Mrs. Judith E. McElwain
Mr. Jim & Mrs. Lynn Chuey Mr. David McWhirter
Mr. Don & Mrs. Rita Clemente Mr. Eugene & Mrs. Alice Mecklem
Mr. Joseph A. & Mrs. Joyce L. (Loreno) Dalfonzo Dr. Irv & Mrs. Mimi Milheim
Mrs. Mary Alice Dean Mr. John & Mrs. Helen Nichols
Mr. Dale & Mrs. Barbara Deist Mr. Darrell & Mrs. Sue (Anderson) Nicklin
Mr. C. Edward & Rev. Nancy Dunmire Mr. G. Bryan & Mrs. Kathy Oros
Mr. Michael & Mrs. Camille Evans Mr. Michael & Mrs. Martha Killius Pechnyo
Mrs. Marge Fenton Mr. Larry A. Redfoot
Mr. Bob & Mrs. Margie Hays Mr. John & Mrs. Dorothy Rust
Mr. Lenny & Mrs. Tammy Lininger Hause Mr. Walter & Mrs. Kathleen Rust
Mrs. Marge Heppner Dr. Jim & Mrs. Lucy Shaffer
Mrs. Jean Hodge Mrs. Jean Simmons
Mr. Stephen & Mrs. Carol Hosmer Mr. Bretton & Mrs. Stacey Walbert
Mr. Brian & Mrs. Cynthia Hughes Mr. Jeff & Mrs. Brenda Wallace
Dr. Patricia Jarrett Mr. D. Michael & Mrs. Barbara Walton
Mrs. LaWanda Johnston Mr. Joe M. Walton