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Caring Heart Recognition

If a team member does something that makes life a little better for you or someone you know, please submit a Caring Heart and give us the opportunity to recognize that individual.

In the form below, please let us know how the team member was promoting our culture of care.

Criteria that promotes our culture of caring


The mission of St. Paul’s formed and sustained by the Judeo-Christian faith and historically related to the United Church of Christ, is to provide meaning, richness of life, health care, and other support services, while maintaining and enhancing the dignity of human life.


Our vision is to create a sense of purpose and belonging by providing a place to call home to everyone who chooses to become part of our family.


  • Compassion - We practice empathy by showing consideration, kindness and selflessness to each other.
  • Person-Centered - We listen, learn and involve each other to improve well-being and quality of life.
  • Respect - We recognize that all individuals are important and need to be treated well.
  • Security - We create a working and living environment where all individuals feel safe, valued and protected.

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Caring Heart Submission Form

This form is to submit a Caring Heart for one team member only. If you want to submit a Caring Heart for more than one team member, please fill out one form per team member.

Enter the team member's title.
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