Home-Based Services

Care services in the comfort of your own home

A majority of older adults prefer to stay in their own home throughout the remainder of their lives. St. Paul’s Without Walls Home Based Care Services can provide the support needed to remain independent at home as long as possible.

For older adults who may be in need of increased assistance with daily tasks and personal care in their own homes, St. Paul’s Without Walls Home Based Care Services can help.

Our private-duty home-based care services include:

  • Companion, Care Partner, LPN, and RN services.
  • We also offer On-The-Go-Dining, Philips Lifeline personal help buttons and medication dispensers, and maintenance partner services in Greenville and adjacent communities in Shenango Valley.

For more information, give us a call at 724-589-4740, visit www.wow2012.org, or fill out an online form. A staff member will contact you within 24 hours.