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Memorial & Honorary Giving Opportunities

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One of God's greatest gifts is the beauty of nature - the brilliant green hues of newly budded trees and the rainbow of flower blossoms in spring, the feeling of sunshine on your face and a gentle breeze tousling your hair, the fragrance of fresh cut grass, blooming flowers and the rich, earthy smell after it rains.

Like many, our residents at St. Paul's find healing and peace in nature. If you have ever visited St. Paul's campus, you know what a beautiful place it is to enjoy the outdoors. But did you know that part of that beauty comes from generous donors like you?

You can make a special tribute gift that will be used to place a bench, tree or ornamental bush on St. Paul's campus. This is a wonderful way to honor someone special or remember a loved one who has passed away. At the same time, you are adding beauty, shade or a comfortable place to sit that can be enjoyed by residents and their families for many years to come.

St John Bench 2

For a $900 donation, a weatherproof composite bench will be placed on St. Paul’s campus with a plaque with an inscription of your choice.

If you prefer to add some shade and natural beauty, you can plant a tree for a $400 donation. You can view the available trees to choose from here.

Rust tree 2019 edit

If you prefer a smaller addition to campus, which will be colorful and fragrant, you can choose to plant a flowering, ornamental bush for a $125 donation. You can view the available bushes to choose from here. For a tree or bush, a ground marker with your choice of inscription will be placed at the site.

To reserve your memorial opportunity today, please complete the form below or contact the Charitable Giving Office at 724-588-7610.