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2022 Good Samaritan Appeal

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Home is more than just a place for shelter, it’s a sense of peace, joy from loved ones and an environment where laughter and memories happen. St. Paul’s Senior Living Community is home to more than 500 residents through a full continuum of care and these are the very things we strive to provide.

Feeling secure at home often goes beyond just having good locks and deadbolts. It’s also a freedom from stress and anxiety. At St. Paul’s we give residents peace of mind knowing they will never be asked to leave St. Paul’s even if they can no longer afford to pay the full cost of their care. This is made possible through the Good Samaritan Fund.

Thanks to the support of the St. Paul’s Good Samaritan Fund a resident can go to sleep each night knowing they will have the nourishing meals they need, access to health services, and the peace of mind that comes from knowing that they can always call St. Paul’s home.

This past year, St. Paul’s has provided more than $5.8 million in unfunded and benevolent care. This includes 62% of the residents in skilled nursing care and 15% of those living in personal care. With the effects of the pandemic this number continues to rise and we could use your help now more than ever.

You can help provide security and peace to St. Paul’s residents by making a gift TODAY to support St. Paul’s Good Samaritan Fund. Thank you in advance for your support!