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Setting Up a Facebook Fundraiser

A Facebook fundraiser for St. Paul's is easy to set up and manage on your personal Facebook page. Just follow these simple steps.

  1. Open a new tab in your web browser and log in to Facebook.
  2. Click the "Create Fundraiser" button below.
  3. Enter how much you would like to raise.
  4. Enter the date you would like the fundraiser to end.
  5. Give your fundraiser a title like "Megan's Birthday Fundraiser for St. Paul's."
  6. "Why You are Raising Money" is already filled in with information about St. Paul's. You can change it to add your personal St. Paul's story.
  7. Click "Create."

That's it! A message will pop up that congratulates you on creating your fundraiser. From there, you can invite your friends to donate, share your fundraiser in your News Feed, or donate to the fundraiser yourself.