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Giving through a Donor Advised Fund

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Donor Advised Funds have grown in popularity in recent years. They are like your own personal charitable giving savings account. You open an account, add some funds and then designate when and where you want them to go. It’s an easy way to support your favorite charities like St. Paul’s, even past your lifetime.

Setting Up a Donor Advised Fund

  1. Contact our friends at the Community Foundation of Western PA & Eastern OH, who would be happy to assist you. They manage hundreds of donor advised funds that do amazing things in Mercer County.
  2. Make an irrevocable contribution of cash or appreciated securities of any amount to start your fund. There is no minimum contribution at the Community Foundation.
  3. Give your fund a name, designate your advisors or successors, and charitable beneficiaries.

Supporting Your Charities

You can recommend grants from your fund for your favorite IRS-qualified charities like St. Paul’s. You could create a set schedule for grants to go out or just do it whenever you desire.

Tax Advantages

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There are several tax advantages to having a Donor Advised Fund. Your fund will be invested, and any growth is tax-free, which means even more dollars for your favorite charities.

Every time you make a contribution to your fund, you can claim an immediate income tax deduction. If you make a contribution with appreciated securities that have been held more than one year, you will avoid capital gains tax.

A Donor Advised Fund is also a great way to reduce your tax liability if you receive a large inheritance or sell a business. You could effectively pre-fund years of charitable giving by contributing a portion or all of your one high income event to a Donor Advised Fund.

A Legacy That Continues

If you set up your fund as permanently endowed, only the income from your fund will be granted out to your favorite charities. The principal will be invested and continue to grow. This means your legacy of charitable giving will continue in perpetuity even after your lifetime.

Already Have a Fund?

Please consider making a grant recommendation for St. Paul’s. You can direct your gift to any fund or program you desire. To make it simple, here is the info you will need:

Legal Name: St. Paul Homes
Tax ID Number:
339 E. Jamestown Rd., Greenville, PA 16125
Contact Name:
Dawn Hartman
Phone Number:

For more information, please contact Director of Strategic Giving Dawn Hartman at 724-589-4611.