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Distinguished Staff Award Winners Honored on Nov. 7

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Distinguished Staff Awards2018 27

Five St. Paul’s team members were honored on Wed., November 7 at the annual Distinguished Staff Awards Recognition program. Ron Ashbaugh, Fitness Coordinator at The Villas was the recipient of the Staff Extra Effort Award. Gina Copper, LPN at Jones Serenity Circle and Linda Iliff, Office Manager for Without Walls both received Staff Leader Awards. Donny Yankle, Human Resources Specialist, received the Staff Newcomer Award and Cheryl Lamp, Dining Aide at The Villas received the Staff Dining Award. 

As he welcomed the audience, President & CEO Chris Wright shared, “Of course we have a beautiful campus, but it’s not the brick and mortar that make this a beautiful place. What makes St. Paul’s beautiful is the great people, the great team that shows an amazing amount of dedication and compassion everyday that you see and feel when you walk through here.” 

David Reeves, chairperson for the Board of Directors, commented on the list of 62 employees who were nominated for this year’s awards, “It’s amazing how many people were nominated. The board is blessed to be part of this organization. Even though we don’t work with you all every day, we know the fruits of your labor and appreciate it so much!”

Following the award ceremony, Ashbaugh took to the podium to share his perceptions of the employee family at St. Paul’s. He said, “Although these are individual awards, they are not individual accomplishments. [On behalf of the award winners] we want to recognize and say thank you to not a few people but to everyone who chooses to be part of this team and contributes to the success of this great place.” He continued to highlight the importance of each campus department, stating that “nursing is the heart and soul of this place.” He then reminded everyone that, “our residents give us purpose so that we can all use our skills and talents.”

Congratulations to these very deserving staff members!