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Artwork Shines at The Villas

Thursday, March 07, 2019

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Over the past 30 years, Bob Becker has become a master artisan, creating beautiful works of stained glass. Crafted in all shapes and sizes, his art has featured a wide range of subjects, including wildlife, landscapes, religious symbols and sports logos. 

One of his proudest achievements was being commissioned to create a stained glass logo window in the then newly-renovated Benedum Center for the Performing Arts in Pittsburgh in 1987. The piece was placed in an octagonal window and featured a large “B” entwined with a winged lion. 

When he and his wife Kathy moved from their home in The Colony earlier this year, Bob made the decision to gift four of his pieces to St. Paul's for the residents to enjoy. "They were in our home for many years where Kathy and I got to enjoy them," said Bob. "This way many people will be able to see and enjoy them [at The Villas.]"

Bob now resides in The Heritage and Kathy in The Villas.

The four stunning stained glass pieces are hanging in the windows of Headland Friendship Commons. The first is a cardinal surrounded by tree blossoms, the second is a bouquet of flowers, the third is an intricate butterfly and the fourth is a tree. 

The stained glass makes a beautiful addition to the room. When the sun is shining, the windows are breathtakingly iridescent, casting a mosaic of colors across the floor. 

"I joked with Pastor Julia, 'Are you sure you want to put those in there?'" laughed Bob. "It might distract people during the church service." 

St. Paul's thanks the Beckers for their beautiful gift for the residents. 

In addition, Bob also recently donated Kathy's Pride Go motorized scooter/wheelchair, which she no longer uses. St. Paul's is grateful to the Beckers for passing on such a blessing to benefit a fellow resident in need.