2020 Good Samaritan Appeal

"If you want to lift yourself up, lift up someone else."
— Booker T. Washington
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John F. and Maude Armant believed in the mission at St. Paul's and moved to The Heritage in April 2012. They were introduced to St. Paul’s by a friend of their son Jack. Her father was living at The Heritage at that time. “We really liked what we saw, especially having looked at quite a few other facilities. The home atmosphere, the staff, the wonderful care and the opportunities for friendships and a loving place of ministry, encouraged us to invite Mom and Dad to move to St. Paul’s,” said Jack.

“We’ve often thought that Dad knew that his time was short and wanted Mom cared for completely. Dad fell and broke his hip soon after they were settled into The Heritage, and we regretted that he had not had more time at St. Paul’s,” said Jack. John died in July of 2012. Maude continued in The Heritage until she started to have memory issues. She then moved to The Villas for a short time until Jones Serenity Circle in The Heritage was opened and is still residing there today.

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John and Maude were raised and married in the Binghamton area in New York. After they were married, they moved to Maryland while John served in the Navy. John worked for John’s Hopkins Medical Center and then became Plant Manager for the University of Maryland Chemistry Department where he eventually retired. Maude retired from Black and Decker-Dewalt. Upon retirement they worked for the Chinese Overseas Christian Mission in Virginia.

Together they had three children, Dave, Jack and Alberta. Alberta was the youngest and passed away in 2001. Maude’s hobbies were work, church and choir. John had many hobbies which included, stamp collecting, ushering at church, and also serving on many boards at church. He was a people person and liked to fish.

John and Maude decided to move to Franklin in 1978 to help their son and his wife Millie at The Overhead Door Co. of Franklin that they had purchased in 1977. “We often said that it was to protect their investment because they had given us a loan, but they really enjoyed being around family and both LOVED to work. They worked for us for about 8-10 years and retired again, this time to Seminole, Florida,” said Jack

In 2010 John had some health issues and finally in 2012 felt that it was a good time for them to move closer to family as sons Jack and Dave are both close to the Greenville area. “While at St. Paul’s, we have seen and experienced the best care, the best facilities, the best staff, and the best atmosphere for my Dad and Mom,” said Jack. “We have told others, as we had been told, about this special place. I have not found any other place that even comes close to the facilities and staff here. We thank the Lord for a place that cares under all circumstances. Thank you for following the Biblical principle of care. We are thankful for those who have contributed over the years to help make care at St. Paul’s possible, even after funds are gone.”

We take pride in the fact that a resident is never asked to leave because of financial reasons. That provides peace of mind for our residents.

At St. Paul’s the need for benevolent care is great! 62% of residents in skilled nursing care and 12% of those living in personal care cannot afford to pay the entire amount of their care.

Please make your gift today to help residents in need. Thank you in advance for being such a Good Samaritan!