2018 Good Samaritan Appeal

Every day do something that will bring you closer to a better tomorrow.
Lloyd And Helen Clark Celebrate69 Years With Dinner

That’s what you do when you give to the Annual Good Samaritan Appeal, which is underway now. Your gift ensures residents like Lloyd and Helen Clark never have to worry about what would happen to them if they ran out of financial resources.

Oftentimes worry is what brings someone to our doors. That was the case for Lloyd and Helen. Helen had osteoarthritis, and Lloyd was struggling to care for her, afraid to ever leave her alone. He also began to struggle taking care of their home. 

“It was the perfect storm,” said daughter Kathy McDonald. Neither of the Clarks wanted to move to St. Paul's, but they soon realized they had chosen a better tomorrow by doing so

Lloyd Bowling

Lloyd was able to get out again to go bowling and attend Kiwanis Club without having to worry about Helen. Once he knew she was safe, he felt much better. As for Helen, she blossomed after the move, able to do things she wasn't able to at home. In the picture above, they celebrated their 69th wedding anniversary at St. Paul's.

The move was also a blessing for their children. “The care that was given to Mom and Dad really gave me peace of mind,” Kathy said. “I just felt so comfortable with the care. I knew I didn’t have to worry.” 

At St. Paul’s, it’s our mission to help ease worry today, as well as tomorrow, whatever it may bring. The Good Samaritan Fund was established to ensure that a resident never has to leave St. Paul’s if they exhaust their financial resources.

The need for benevolent care is great! 60% of those living in skilled nursing care and 22% of those in personal care receive help through benevolent care. Good Samaritans like the McDonalds and like YOU ensure we can take care of their tomorrow. Thank you!