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PA OH Gives - Giving Week - June 19-June 25

Wednesday, May 31

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What is PA OH Gives?

We’ve certainly seen a lot of changes since the pandemic began in 2020. One thing that hasn’t changed is our promise that a resident will never have to leave St. Paul’s because they exhaust their financial resources. This is only possible because of our Good Samaritan Fund for benevolent care.

Today, the Good Samaritan Fund really needs a boost. For the second year in a row St. Paul’s has had to cancel the Caring Hearts on Fire Gala, which normally raises $120,000 for the Good Samaritan Fund for benevolent care. To help make up some of that loss, we are again participating in PA OH Gives “Giving Week” during the week of June 19-25. This virtual giving event is hosted by the Community Foundation of Western PA and Eastern OH to help local nonprofits like St. Paul’s still struggling with the effects of COVID-19 on operations and fundraising.

Please consider making a personal donation for St. Paul’s during PA OH Gives, and your gift WILL BE MATCHED by the Community Foundation, increasing its impact!


How Do I Give?

1. Credit card - Donate online through the Community Foundation's website.

2. Check - Must be received and dated during June 19 - 25 to qualify for the matching funds. Checks must be made payable to the Community Foundation of W PA and E OH with “St. Paul’s” in the memo line. Checks can be dropped off in the Charitable Giving Office in the Keifer Building until 2 p.m. on Friday, June 25 or mailed to the Community Foundation of W PA & E OH at 7 West State Street, Suite 301, Sharon, PA 16146.

Why Can't I Donate Directly to St. Paul's?

In order to take advantage of the free matching funds, you must make your donation to the Community Foundation, designated for St. Paul’s. This makes your gift even greater at no additional cost to you!

Will My Entire Donation Benefit St. Paul's?

Yes. The Community Foundation is not collecting any fees. 100% of your donation designated for St. Paul’s will come to St. Paul’s, in addition to the amount the foundation matches.

How Much is the Match?

The match amount will be determined after the event ends by dividing the total matching funds available by the total amount of donations received for all participating non-profits. Each non-profit will receive the same percentage of matching funds. Here’s an example showing how the match percentage would be calculated. There is $140,000 in matching funds available. If a total of $280,000 is raised during PA OH Gives, the match would be $140,000/$280,000=.50. In this example, St. Paul’s would receive a match of 50 cents for every $1 donated. That means your $50 gift would actually become $75!

How Will St. Paul's Know I Donated?

After the event ends, St. Paul’s will receive a detailed list with contact information for all of the donors who made a gift to St. Paul’s. The Community Foundation will send you a tax receipt for your gift. You will also receive an additional thank you letter from St. Paul’s.

What is the Good Samaritan Fund?

The Good Samaritan Fund supports benevolent care for St. Paul’s residents who exhaust their financial resources and cannot afford to pay for the cost of their care. 65% of the residents at St. Paul’s in skilled nursing care and 12% of those living in personal care depend on benevolent care. Because there is a Good Samaritan Fund, no resident is ever asked to leave St. Paul’s for financial reasons.